Hello everbody

October 24, 2009

I have recently started to write a novel currently titled ‘The Curious Collection of Wainwright Caspinal’.

The purpose of this blog is to provide an opportunity for me to reflect on the process of writing this novel and to make contact with other people doing similar things.

Here’s a brief outline of the story as it currently stands:

The discovery of a strange and unique artefact leads John Taylor, a specialist in such things, to Caspinal house and the mythical Caspinal collection. Taylor hopes to find the answer to who started a fire, when he was young, that killed his grandfather and nearly killed him. An obsessive collector, Wainwright Caspinal tried to understand humanity by amassing what it produced and consumed at its furthest fringes; the collection represents a topography of the dark edges of the human psyche. But Caspinal house is now home to the reclusive Nathaniel Caspinal, Wainwright’s oldest son, and all he wants is to be left alone and keep his secrets hidden.

This now leads into the first problem that I’m having. Publishers are keen to know what other successful novels yours is like, and at the moment I haven’t found one that fits comfortably with mine. I’m currently pitching it as similar to Iain Banks’ Complicity with which it shares some similar narrative devices and stylistic features, but loosely, and besides Complicity was written about 16 years ago. I have a stack of other books to read that could also be possible candidates, next on the list is Peter Carey’s Theft: a love story

What I’m not saying is my idea is totally original and there’s nothing else out there like it – God no. This would be terrible, what I’m worried about is that there aren’t any successful contemporary novels like this out there – maybe novels like this aren’t successful or even being published.

Anyway if there’s anything in the above blurb that reminds you of something you read recently then I’d love to know.